KT025FFI am an information professional with extensive experience conducting business and legal research using traditional and emerging technologies in corporate, legal, and government organizations.

My first love is research and the digging and reporting of what I have found. I’ve won awards for my writing and have a number of publications to my name. They reflect my diverse yet converging interests!

In this profession, it goes without saying that emerging technologies, digital collections, cloud-based services and mobility are happening now.  I have immersed myself in these technologies by actively using, teaching and exploring these diverse media.

I believe it is important to give back. I have participated in professional organizations by chairing committees, contributing on conference panels and attending and organizing conferences.

Based in Toronto, Canada, I have a MLIS which is nicely matched with a BSc and a BA.

When not researching, I like to run  – long distances if possible – and have completed the Boston Marathon (2010) and many half, and other marathons.

Photography by Ian Crysler Iancrysler.com